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Physiotherapy is a profession studied in university in the health sciences department. It’s mainly dedicated to solving health problems, but also intervenes in the promotion of health and injury prevention. Unlike other areas, physiotherapy uses natural means in its treatments:

  • Manual Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Use of natural energies: heat, cold, electromagnetic waves, radiofrequency, microwaves, electrical stimulation, etc

The way of working can be divided into 3 levels:

  1. Level: Prevention and education
  2. Level: Healing of pathologies
  3. Level: Functional recovery


Difference of Physiotherapy in Fiosity Clinic

In Clínica Fiosity the medical devices is only used as a complement. The main treatments are the manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. So in Fiosity Clinic I want to offer you only the best quality.

In the treatments I combine many manual techniques of different formations. But I use a special one as a base, which many other physiotherapists do not master. And that is the POLD method (Long Duration Oscillation Pulsation).

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It’s of great interest, because:

  • It works constantly in all body systems
  • The central nervous system receives the information to relax the whole body
  • The hormonal system is stimulated by activating several hormones, especially the serotonin that gives pleasure and relaxation
  • The cardiovascular system flows during the entire session, thus gaining more oxygen supply for regeneration in all cells
  • The lymphatic system is activated as in the manual lymphatic drainage
  • The osteoarticular and muscular systems release their tensions


It’s a global treatment. In a single session, all body systems are processed simultaneously.

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