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New time schedule due to the COVID restrictions


TUESDAY / THURSDAY 15:00 – 19:00

The Fiosity Clinic reopens on 4. May!

The treatments will be carried out only by previous appointment, that means by phone or online, and it is necessary to follow the preventive measures against COVID 19:

  • You must have your own mask, which you always have to keep it on inside the clinic.
  • If you want to be covered during the session, you should bring your own blanket or towel.
  • You should not be accompanied, except if you are a minor or a person with difficulties reaching the clinic.
  • You must wash your hands or disinfect them before and after the session.
  • You must maintain a safety distance of 2 m whenever possible.
  • You should touch the objects in the clinic as little as possible.
  • You should stay home if you have symptoms of Coronavirus, such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties and general malaise.
  • You must have at least 21 days without symptoms, if you were infected or had contact with a person with Coronavirus infection.




  • New schedule: Reduced, open only for appointment. Contact for availability.
  • Patients: I recommend to everyone for health prevention not to come to the clinic and stay at home, especially older people, people with chronic and/or immunosuppressive disease, and those who have symptoms like fever, dry cough, sore throat and respiratory distress.
  • Service: I offer sessions of physiotherapy and osteopathy for people who don’t have the risk factors of the coronavirus and who have big pain and/or limitations.
  • Sessions: Before and after the session, you should wash your hands or use disinfectant gel. And people who have slight respiratory problems, please come with a face mask.

The dates 7, 8, 9 and the week 19 – 23 of August the clinic will be closed for holidays. Sorry for the inconvenience.

On 12th of March the clinic was 1 year old!

I have celebrated it with my patients all the week with a brownie cake, made by myself, an antioxidant juice and a small bag with gifts. I hope you liked it. Thank you very much for all the flowers, champagne, chocolates and cookies that you have given me!

Last reforms of the installations are finished. Now you can enjoy the clinic in all its corners!

Opening of the Fiosity Clinic. Thanks very much to everyone who has followed me since the beginning!


If you’re a client of the Fiosity Clinic, you and your companion have a gift!

Both of you can enjoy a free massage on the armchari. There’s a 20-minute massage program, you can repeat it. This exclusive is especially designed for couples or relatives, who wait in the clinic during the appointment. You also have water and chocolate at your disposal.

I offer all this, because I take care of all the people, who enter in my clinic!

Address and Telephone

Clínica Fiosity

C/ Doñana Local 9

29793 Torrox Park, Málaga

0034 686843422

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

10:00 – 14:00

16:00 – 20:00