Are you looking for services that resolve your pains or body limitations? Or are you looking for someone who takes the time to listen to your health problems, in order to review it in detail and receive a personalized treatment? Then you’ve found here the right place. My philosophy is that each person is unique and I adapt my therapies to each people, to their body type and their personality type. That’s why my services are designed to give you the best possible well-being.


They are treatments for the recovery of injuries, pains or body’s problems. It consists of stimulating the self-healing of the body.

Therapy against pain

The pains prevent us from enjoying life, that’s why I always apply that therapy to improve your quality of life.

Manual lymphatic drainage

It’s a specific and gentle technique against water retention and edemas, especially in legs.


The manual techniques that I apply stimulate the central nervous system and the hormonal system, so that you achieve an inner relaxation during and after the session.


It emits electromagnetic waves that transform electrical energy into heat. The most interesting thing is that the depth of the heat can be programmed, so it reaches directly the area of the injury. So the recovery is more effective.

Shock waves

They are acoustic waves that carry high energy to painful spots and myoskeletal tissues. This energy helps to activate the regeneration and reparative processes of soft tissues and bones. For example calcifications and calcanea spurs can be reduced. This is not possible with manual therapy.

Injury Prevention

Exercises that are designed to strengthen weak muscles, stabilize the connective tissue and stimulate the balance receptors. All this prevents future injuries or relapse.


These exercises improve the posture and help to breathe properly. In contrast to yoga, they are exercises in constant and fluid motion, so it’s not about keeping certain posture.

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