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Therapeutic Exercises


These exercises improve the posture and help to breathe properly. In contrast to yoga, they are exercises in constant and fluid motion, so it’s not about keeping certain posture.

Injury Prevention

Exercises that are designed to strengthen weak muscles, stabilize the connective tissue and stimulate the balance receptors. All this prevents future injuries or relapse.

The importance of Therapeutic Exercises

The last phase of healing is the adaptation of the body to daily life. The Therapeutic Exercises prepare the body for an independent life.


  • Weak muscles become strong
  • Ligaments and tendons gain stability
  • Joints get free movement
  • Receptors react to balance
  • The blood circulation flows more fluent
  • Water retention dissolves
  • Bad postures are corrected


They help you to function better in daily life.


In contrast to fitness exercises, the Therapeutic Exercises are performed more gentle, without any impacts or big loads. Some exercises will be very analytical to treat a specific injury. Others will be more global exercises to correct the whole posture. In any case, you will receive exercises suitable for your injury and progress.


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